""tumblr"" feminism is starting to piss me off so much half the shit these people post isn’t properly sourced and VERY one sided and hypocritical. don’t pretend you know everything, and remember feminism and feminists contest a lot as to what feminism really is - therefore your opinions are not solid facts and don’t get butthurt when people try and argue with you. there is no "x, y, z" that you have to do to be a feminist. you are not a ‘lesser’ feminist because you don’t find one thing sexist. when you’re actually studying feminism in the real world in an academic setting, people will argue with you a lot, and many need to learn to accept that as a more philosophical form of study, that there are millions of interpretations to both the world of feminism, gender and things people consider sexist. in short - not everyone finds the same things offensive and a solid portion of feminism is learning to understand why these things happen and not getting butthurt about every tiny thing, and learning to choose your battles wisely - if you spend 5 hours arguing with someone about one comment that they made was offensive, you’re wasting so much time that can be used for much bigger picture things. while you can’t blow over all comments, and some definitely require a rebuke, you need to be picky or else you’ll drive yourself insane. just please, make sure you can articulate your argument before you just start screaming ‘MISOGYNY’ and throwing around all these things without some SERIOUS backing, because that label is huge and definitely very, very loaded. 

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