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What’s going on in Kurdistan?




The Current Situation:

We all know what’s going on in Israel & Palestine but many people do not know what is going on between ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and Kurdistan/Iraq/Syria. ISIS is a terrorist organization that aims at building an Islamic State. They have taken over most of Syria and Iraq. They are aiming at taking over Kurdistan as well. They have kicked out the Iraqi Christians that have been living in Mosul for over 2,000 years. They are massacring the Yezidi Kurds, who have fled to the Sinjar Mountain with no food or water. They have taken hundreds women and children as sex slaves, have buried them alive and have killed thousands of men. This post is to inform those of you who do not know what is happening in the world while you’re turning a blind eye. The links open in new tabs.

What is Kurdistan?:

Kurdistan: The Missing Country

Iraqi Kurdistan profile

Kurdistan (Wikipedia)


The Spread of the Caliphate: The Islamic State (Part 1)

Grooming Children for Jihad: The Islamic State (Part 2)

Enforcing Sharia in Raqqa: The Islamic State (Part 3)

Christians in the Caliphate: The Islamic State (Part 4)

Bulldozing the Border Between Iraq and Syria: The Islamic State (Part 5)

The Islamic State (Full Length)


Who Are the Yezidis Who Galvanized International Support in Iraq?

The Yezidi Exodus, Girls Raped by ISIS Jump to their Death on Mount Shingal

Witnesses Recount Tales of Yezidi Women Taken as War Booty

Yazidi Religious Beliefs: History, Facts, And Traditions of Iraq’s Persecuted Minority

Yazidi Member of Iraqi Parliament Collapses in Tears After Calling Upon World to Rescue the Yazidis

Kurdish Independence:

Why Kurdish Independence Is the Only Solution for the World

Can China Stomach an Independent Kurdistan?

Grant Kurdistan Arms and Independence

Further Reference:

15 Shocking Numbers That Will Make You Pay Attention To What ISIS is Doing in Iraq

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